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Convince Your Boss Toolkit

Attending the conference will be the most cost-effective educational choice you will make this year.  Not only will you network with other professionals and vendors committed to coaching, you will discover solutions and tools you weren’t even aware of, gain a deeper understanding of applicable topics from engaging thought leaders and innovators, and come away with tools you can put to use in your business or organization right away.
Whether you are a private practitioner, a coach in the corporate space, or an engaged professional from an allied industry, like psychology, human resources or organizational development, join us at Creating Connections in "The City of Bridges"!
Top 5 Reasons to Attend:
  1. Rub elbows with 400+ Professionals.
    Get out of the office and network with hundreds of professionals. This is a great opportunity to step up your game, join discussions, discover like-minded professionals and create personal connections with industry peers.
  2. Take your development to the next level.
    You’ll hear from business leaders, practitioners, consultants and academics, who will equip you with tools, strategies, and actionable insights that you’ll be able to implement immediately. Spend a couple of days with the experts as we explore new ways to engage, learn, and connect.
  3. You’ll hear from some AMAZING speakers.
  4. Need credits? We’ve got plenty!
  5. An important component of our conference continuing education credits. Attend and earn up to 15 ICF CCEUs. Take advantage of this great value!
  6. Have fun…and pay it forward!

Convince Your Boss

Gaining approval to attend the 2018 ICF Midwest Region Coaches Conference requires demonstrating the benefits of the conference to your organization and persuading your leader that you are the right person to invest in attending. No one knows your company culture better than you. Feel free to utilize these guidelines as you build your business case for joining us in June!

Step 1 – Review the conference program and exhibitor list 
  • Select the sessions that are most beneficial to you, your team and company. When explaining the selections to your boss, be specific. Is your organization looking to learn more about the ROI of coaching in corporate settings, emerging brain science in the industry, or how to integrate tenets of coaching into performance management?  With more than 11 hours of  education for all levels of experience from more than 25 presenters, you can design an agenda of useful content for you and your organization
  • Review the exhibitors list ahead of time and identify exhibitors who can help you with strategies and insights for your specific business needs.
Step 2 –Take advantage of cost savings 
Consider these tips to help reduce the cost of your trip and make the most of your company’s travel funds.
  • Take advantage of Early Bird discount: Submit your registration and payment by May 1, 2018 for additional savings.
  • Book hotel early: To receive the discounted conference room rate make your reservations no later than May 31, 2018 by 5:00 pm EST.
Step 3 – Develop Justification and Return on Investment Explanation
  • Justification letter: Customize our letter, contained in the Toolkit below, with information specific to your employer and your responsibilities, and submit it to your leader.
  • Expenses Worksheet: Estimate costs.

Planning ahead is the key to making the most of your conference networking.

The Manager Toolkit-links to resources will be updated soon!  

Use the following resources to show the benefits of attending the conference to your boss. These tools will prove that you are serious and have done your research.
  • Sample Manager Letter – customize this letter to your manager to help him/her understand why the conference is useful for you to attend.
  • Session and Exhibitor Worksheet – customize this worksheet in order to justify the ROI and insure that you’re prepared to have the best experience possible when you hit the ground in Indy.
  • Expense Worksheet – complete this worksheet to estimate the financial investment required for you to attend the conference.
The hard part is done! Let your charm and negotiating skills do the rest. Let us know how it went when we see you at Creating Connections in "The City of Bridges" in June!